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Real Estate / Sunday, May 20th, 2018

An Overview of Mileage and Expense Tracking.

Actually, mileage tracking in the past used materials like notebooks, napkins and scrap papers. However, due to advancement in technology, new ways of tracking distance, expenses as well as managing fleet has been invented. IRS is used to track and account for travel expenses as well as a tax deduction. IRS technology helps commercial and business drivers calculate and track travel deductions.

On the contrary, you are not eligible for travel deductions when you are commuting to and from the workstation and your area of the resident. According to SherpaShare, there are certain IRS Mileage Tracking requirements that are followed in order for you to qualify for this deduction. First, you need to be a business driver driving for official but not personal reasons.

For instance, traveling from one office to the other, from office to a conference or business meeting, business related event or executive meetings. On the contrary, travel information such as trip date, departure point, and destination, as well as other mileage logs, have to be kept intact. The other requirement is the purpose or reason for the trip.

Other important details include starting and stopping vehicle dashboard mileage count and trip expenses. Calculation of travel deductions is another thing that should be done according to ShepaShare. After the invention of ShepaShare Mileage Tracking technological apps, these activities have been simplified. This technology has helped drivers to manage and avoid travel expenses, unnecessary taxes and boost their earnings.

All you need to do is to download the app in your smartphone or iPhone. The app is compatible for Android and iPhone operating system and uses Uber Heat Map to calculate distance and other mileage aspects. The apps are beneficial in the following ways.

1. Creates and generates IRS reports.

This is one of the major benefits that come with ShepaShare Mileage Tracking technology. Therefore, you will not have to suffer in order for you to create these mileage reports. Since deductions are $ 0.575 in every mile, a driver is able to come up with a rough amount of total deductions.

This translates into a lot of money that is be saved in form of taxes per year. However, in order for you to enjoy these deductions it is necessary that detailed report be produced. These apps help in creating the report in order for you to get the deductions.

2. Accounting due to software compatibility.

This benefit will always be enjoyed by people who use this technology. The apps calculate the deductions on your behalf. Due to its compatibility with accounting software like QuickBooks the app calculates the deductions on its own. Accuracy is improved due to Uber Heat Map incorporation.

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